Адаптер AT-2716POE/FXST Allied Telesis 100Mbps Fast Ethernet PCI-Express Fiber Adapter Card; ST connector; with 10/100/1000T POE, includes both standard and low profile brackets; Single pack

Адаптер AT-27M2/LC-AA Allied Telesis 100MB, M2, MM LC Card

12 020

Адаптер AT-27M2/LC-AB Allied Telesis 100MB, M2, MM LC Card

12 020

Адаптер AT-29M2/LC-AA Allied Telesis 1000MB, M2, MM LC Card

20 923

Адаптер AT-29M2/LC-AB Allied Telesis 1000MB, M2, MM LC Card

20 923

Адаптер AT-29M2/SC-AA Allied Telesis 1000MB, M2, MM SC Card

20 923

Адаптер AT-CVMCR Allied Telesis Adapter allowing AT-CV1000 to be fitted into MCR12 chassis (990-001930-00)

1 093

Адаптер AT-MWS0091 Allied Telesis Multi-Region AC adapter for MWS series AP(US/JP, UK, AU, EU)

2 550

Адаптер AT-TQ0091 Allied Telesis AC external power adapter for AT-TQ3600 & AT-TQ4600

1 912

Адаптер ACDC2550 APC Depth Adapter, 1070 to 1200mm, SX42U, 300mm Width

Адаптер AIR-PWRADPT-1530 Cisco Power Adapter (AC/DC) - Outdoor AP1530 Series

10 326

Адаптер AIR-PWRADPT-RGD1 Cisco Power Adapter for AP1530/1560 Series, no AC connector

10 998

Адаптер APIC-PCIE-CSC-02 Cisco VIC 1225 Dual Port 10Gb SFP+ CAN

58 624

Адаптер ATA190 Cisco UC 2 Port Analog Telephone Adapter

9 883

Адаптер CP-PWR-CUBE-4 Cisco IP Phone power transformer for the 89/9900 phone series

2 406

Адаптер N20-AI0102 Cisco UCS CNA M61KR-I Intel Converged Network Adapter

44 925

Адаптер N2XX-AQPCI05 Cisco Qlogic QLE2562, 8Gb dual port Fibre Channel HBA

130 093

Адаптер PVDM2-ADPTR Cisco PVDM2 Adapter for PVDM Slot on 2900, 3900 Series ISR

2 776

Адаптер PWR-ADPT-BRKT Cisco Power adaptor bracket for compact switches


Адаптер PWR-ADPT-DC Cisco Power Adaptor Spare for Compact Switch, DC to DC adaptor

7 402

Адаптер SM-NM-ADPTR Cisco Network Module Adapter for SM Slot on 2900, 3900 ISR

40 678

Адаптер SM-X-NIM-ADPTR Cisco SM-X Adapter for one NIM module for 4000 Series ISR

34 864

Адаптер SPA112 Cisco 2 Port Phone Adapter

2 435

Адаптер SPA112-XU Cisco 2 Port Phone Adapter SRTP Removed

2 529

Адаптер SPA122 Cisco ATA with Router

2 964

Адаптер SPA122-XU Cisco ATA with Router, SRTP Removed

3 078

Адаптер SPA122-RC Cisco ATA with Router

3 078

Адаптер UCSB-VIC-M83-8P Cisco UCS VIC 1380 mezzanine adapter for blade servers

62 437

Адаптер UCSC-MLOM-CSC-02 Cisco UCS VIC1227 VIC MLOM - Dual Port 10Gb SFP+

55 173

Адаптер UCSC-MLOM-IRJ45 Cisco Intel i350 MLOM NIC

37 409